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Electronic Data Interchange

SynEDIX - Electronic Data-Doc Integrated eXchange

SynEDIX - Electronic Exchange and Integration of Files

Electronic Invoicing, Exchange of other Documents and Files

synthex SynEDIX is a customizable and flexible program for electronification of invoicing and other documents. It can be adapted to the needs of small and medium enterprises. It has the ability to convert documents to e-documents regardless of commercial application and the tax mechanism connected. It can work with any application and tax mechanism. How can SynEDIX help your business? It helps heavily on increasing productivity due to time saved from that usually requires the traditional process of sending invoices and other documents, (print, send to mail receiving, archiving, etc.). It significantly reduces the cost of issuing and managing documents thus saving a very large percentage of expenses, including printing supplies, ink, paper, etc. as well as postage or other shipping services.

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