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We select your server after detailed examination of your working environment and needs, taking into account all the factors that can influence the choice of the most suitable server for you. Choosing a server is very important for your business in order to ensure its trouble-free and smooth operation.
Our highly trained technicians, with their many years of expertise and know-how, analyze your existing installation and the specifications required by your business and accounting programs, to present you with the best choice of the technological equipment that meets your requirements. We operate as a strong connecting link for all your associates, program developers and special machinery supporters to ensure an ideal and secure business operation that is in sync with your business needs.
We recommend the best solutions for the professional equipment you will need for your business: servers, computer rooms, call centers, printers, tax mechanisms, POS stations, Barcodes etc.

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General Data



Learn about GDPR. Contact us for your briefing and preparation of your business for the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation. Our fully trained technical staff and our legal associates are at your disposal to offer you solutions to protect your business data and customer information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
Penetration testing services – pentest – aiming to check the security of your systems by the most experienced and reliable technicians.

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We supply you with USB eTokens for the creation and safeguarding of your digital signature selecting the SafeNet eToken 5110 which constitute the top USB eToken in the market and are characterized by their high quality workmanship and excellent security features.
We provide technical support for the installation of the certificates you receive through the gateway APED locally or remotely across Greece to create your digital signature.
We undertake the customization of the existing tools offered by www.yap.gov.gr such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Jsign and Xolidon for using your digital signature and provide you with the necessary instructions on how to use them.





Installation of strong currents (Connectors in offices, in the rack, electrical cabinets, lighting etc).
Installation of low voltage (Phone, Network Data - Copper and Fiber optics, Alarm and CCTV).

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Pos Systems

Sales and service of Tax Mechanisms and Cash Registers
Entercom ® Technologies is partnering with companies inside and outside of the Greek borders and selects quality products that ensure the smooth operation of your systems.
POS Credit Card Terminals
• Cash registers and fiscal printers
Retail Point of Sales Systems• Retail Point of Sales Systems
We equip you with cash registers and fiscal mechanims depending on your needs.
We come and complete the installation of the equipment at home or your business.
We stand behind our products and our customers at all times.

For every entrepreneur who other than the simple function of electronic systems is looking for a reliable technical associate.

If you own a business and wonder:
• I want to find commercial and accounting software.
• I want somebody to show me how they work.
• I want to connect my computers and build my network.




We help you establish your company’s presence in the Web and provide you with special software and e-business solutions as well as network and internet services.
• WebPages Design
• Web hosting
• Social Media Management
• Development and support of Web applications
• Development and support of Dynamic Websites
•E- Commerce applications
•Development - Support of hotel pages with reservation system and interface to distribution channels
• Construction of electronics stores (eshop) with high requirements and functions
(Mass importation of products, integration of social networks, friendly to search engines
• Promotion of pages in search engines (Search Engine Optimization)
Connect online your Commercial - Accounting Program ERP with your eshop
• Create online campaigns (PPC, adwords)
• Custom applications

Special Web Services:
We cooperate with law offices in Greece and abroad, in London, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, U.S.A. and Russia, which are specialized in commercial and business law so that we can offer you accurate and thorough information and services regarding legal and not only issues that may arise from the operation of your business on the internet and the world, whether this is the correct text of terms of your website and your e-shop, the GDPR, or specialized information about taxation and sale in foreign countries.

Technical support of live broadcasts

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