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What is SEO

The term SEO comes from the initials of the English words Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That is a specific process of some actions on the site, but also outside of it, so this website appears at the highest position in the ranking of results in searches by the internet search engines for certain keywords which are of great interest and have been selected to represent the contents.
The main purpose and mission of successful SEO is the site to appear in the first position of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and in the event of major competition in the first 10 results, because according to statistics 80% of user searches reads and selects only of the first 10 search results, i.e. the first page and only 20% goes to the next ..

What we offer in Entercom


Content Marketing

Google no longer gives so much importance to websites that repeat many times a keyword or many Backlinks with High Google Pagerank. Content Marketing means creating and promoting original relevant content in the form of articles, Mini-sites, Social Media, Press Releases, Guest Blogging, Infographics, Video and more. The Off Page SEO as well as the Content Marketing is a time consuming process, where at an average the results are visible after 3 months.
Utilization of SEO tools for analysis and correction of problems.
· Code optimization to become SEO friendly.
· Introduction of appropriate keywords.
· Enter title and description that will contain keywords.
· Copywriting service: content modification so as to be unique and contain several times the keywords.
· Site Registration in top web directories (google, yahoo, dmoz, etc.).
· Conversion Forms (eg. Intelligent Newsletter to convert visitors into customers)
· In-Page links (links for easy navigations in the page)
· Media Optimization (smaller images, web font icons, alt attributes, etc.)
· Error Redirects - 301 302 303 404 etc. (So the guests stay on the site longer)
· Coverage multifaceted security (SSL, Directory Listing, etc.)
· Social Connections (Follow & share buttons)
· Blog (study and implementation of intelligent blog properly and with targeted content articles).
We undertake all the changes to properly promote your page and bring it at a competitive position!

Campaign Management and Optimization

The planning, management and monitoring of an advertising campaign on Google requires time, experience and specialized expertise in order to deliver the best results. The ingredients that lead to success for us is the strategic choice of words, creating attractive messages that will attract the attention of users, the correct design of web pages that will greet prospective customers, effective management of the auction process and the systematic monitoring of performance of the exercise. Our comprehensive services for the use of Google Adwords include:

Keyword Research Study and selection of the most appropriate keyword phrases that will meet the marketing goals you have set and will attract your prospective customers.
Competition Analysis: Competition Analysis on the practices of your main competitors
Ad Copywriting: Writing and editing your advertisements combining the knowledge you have about your products and services with our experience on best practices
Campaign & Bid Management: Account Management and the auction process with the aim to achieve the best return on your investment (ROI)
Landing Pages: Design of websites that will welcome interested users and lead them to the desired action
Web Analytics: Recording and evaluation of the results with the Google Analytics service as it is very important to know the efficiency of your investment.

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