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Entercom® - The Company

Entercom® Your reliable partners

Entercom® Technologies SA was founded in 2000 and is the continuation of a company producing electronic systems and electronic publications with a presence in the field since 1991. It consists of a team of specialized technicians, programmers, administrators, and legal executives with deep knowledge of business processes due to their many years of experience in the field of business technical support.

Our goal is to harmonize with the requirements of each era using our extensive know-how in the field of information and high technology, in order to improve the daily lives of our customers, staff and partners as well as contributing to the protection of the environment.

Entercom® Technologies ABEE has implemented projects in small and large organizations, private and public, and its team, together with its partners, has undertaken many times the management, as well as the execution of projects that are a technological challenge with complete success.

Entercom® is a leader in the field of Digital Signature, supporting thousands of professionals since the beginning of its operation throughout Greece.

The knowledge that technology is an integral part of all our lives as well as the knowledge that INFORMATION IS POWER, leads to ENTERCOM® TECHNOLOGIES S.A.΄s commitment to quality all throughout its life span.

This belief led to the establishment of strategic cooperations with companies in a global scale for the distribution and support of innovative products and technologies affordable to all.

Examples of Implementing Integrated Solutions:

Informatics Department

Logistics Services - Advertising Organizations - Casino F & B Management - Hotel and Restaurant Management - Industrial food production

Technical - construction Sector - Projects in the Wider Public and Private sector - Security systems - encryption and Digital Signature

Technical Support for Global Organizations’ Retail Systems - ERP Systems - Commercial Sector - Hospitality Industry POS Systems and Barcode Hardware / Software

Server Support - Servers, Workstations and Peripherals - in the Public and Private Sector - VPN Applications of remote connection networks throughout Greece and Abroad.

Networks Department

Implementation Examples:

1. Electrical Installations: We carry out electrical installations of strong (PPC network) and weak currents (structured cabling - data) providing the necessary certifications, at any scale - Construction of Computer Rooms.

2. FTTx Networks: We have know-how in FTTH OTE, Vodafone and Wind projects having already carried out hundreds of FTTH (Fiber To The Home) installations throughout Greece.

Our specialized team consists of technicians with extensive experience in the field of fiber optic blowing, fiber optic splicing - and FTTC and FTTH terminations as well as PON measurements, OPM, OTDR and iOLM. We carry out extensive optical network fault management.

Our electricians undertake the creation of the infrastructure of the fiber optic project with elegant options and constructions in your building, business, or home. The combination of our many years of experience in copper networks and our extensive know-how in the field of fiber optics, allow us to build state-of-the-art internal and external networks at low cost.

Hospitality Department

Entercom® Technologies ABEE has been active in the sectors of restaurant and hospitality services since its inception with the introduction and installation of high technology systems, designed specifically for the restaurant and tourism industry, while ensuring the education and full training of business staff.

We proceeded to the design and creation of specialized platforms for restaurant, tourism, and agriculture sectors, emphasizing the presentation of Greece and the exceptional Greek products around the world.

We support our customers on a 24-hour basis.

Entercom®’s team commitment to its confidentiality towards all customers, our staff and our partners and the protection of the internal processes of their companies and the data of all individuals, has existed since the establishment of the company as a main principle and is also safeguarded by the means of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.