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Commercial and Accounting applications

E.R.P Software

epsilonnet singular kefalaio softone

An ERP system includes all the stages concerning the everyday procedures of a company and acts as the link between all its departments, commercial, accounting, production and so on, for you to receive all the information that will help you make the best decisions for your business.
Because the design style of the E.R.P. software allows the addition and interconnection of multiple modules, a business can start from the very basic segments and add software modules depending on its development.

We install the ERP software and provide you with support for the use of commercial and accounting applications with diligence and responsibility.

We automate the update of your warehouse and invoicing processes by interfacing your Commercial-Accounting ERP program with your e-shop with all known website structure technologies such as zoomla, wordpress, etc.

Entercom® Technologies S.A. only suggests original software.

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